Hungry for Words

Hungry for Words was an event that took place at The University of Nottingham, and it was targeted at Year 11 and 12 pupils, and their teachers.

As part of the programme, pupils were encouraged to share their experiences about their stresses, how they cope and how this impacts on their mental health and well-being. This event was part of a wider research project, which is investigating well-being, mental health and eating disorders.

First Steps’ workshop focused on some of the stigmas associated with body image in males. It aimed to get the cohort of boys talking about their bodies and looking at them in more of a positive way, rather than focusing on their flaws.

Social media was a theme throughout one of which was seen in both a positive and negative light.

Overall, the session was successful, with the boys highlighting how much it helped them to open up and have a discussion about their own body image experiences and difficulties.

Future plans:

First Steps are to be involved in ‘Hungry for Words: An interdisciplinary approach to articulating, communicating and understanding male anorexia nervosa’ as part of the Academic Health Science Networks.

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