Your support is vital to the team at First Steps ED without it, we could not provide the wealth of services that we do.


Here’s how you can help!

There are lots of different ways that you can support First Steps ED. As a charity we couldn’t continue our work without your help.
As well as supporting our service users, we want to raise awareness for early intervention and better treatment of eating disorders and mental health.
Thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers, as well as your kind donations and incredible fundraising efforts, we can be here to support those who feel left behind by more traditional support channels, as well as those seeking any additional support or training with regards to mental health.

First Steps ED is an award winning mental health charity, at the forefront of improving the lives of people of all ages impacted by eating disorders and mental health. Your donation will help the team continue to support our service users, even during times of uncertainty.

We are supported by a dedicated and passionate team of staff and volunteers, many with a lived experience, offering quality-assured, research-based services and support and raising awareness for early and better treatment.

Over the last year, our referrals have more than tripled! We are now supporting service users nationally, including many of those who have felt let down with more traditional support channels.

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As a fundraiser, you can help us continue to provide support and education to anyone affected by poor mental health and eating disorders, without judgement or discrimination.

Over the year we will respond to over 1250 self and professional referrals for one-to-one direct support for their mental health, as well as offer support and training in both education and professional settings.

In supporting us, you will help us continue to fight for earlier and better treatment for mental health issues, something the team is passionate about. Don’t forget to read our Fundraising Guidelines before you get started.

Fundraise for First Steps ED

Volunteering at First Steps ED can be a really rewarding experience and we are always looking to hear from people within our community who are looking to make a positive contribution. There are a number of ways to volunteer here at First Steps ED from support roles and befriending, to design and communications.

If you can’t find a volunteer role for you, stay connected with us on our social media pages where you will find the latest opportunities as soon as we have them.

Learn More about Volunteering

Participating in research is a chance to have your voice heard which might help influence how support is offered to others in the future.

Research requiring you to focus on personal experience can be emotionally provoking. If you have any concerns about participating in a research study make sure you read all the information provided and contact the researcher if you need to ask further questions. It may be important to discuss what support you can access if you find any of the experience triggering.

Research Opportunities

“Thank you for continuing to offer support and advice to families affected by eating disorders. You offer a ray of light to families at their very darkest times.”

Anonymous (via JustGiving), (via JustGiving)

“I am running 75 miles in February for First Steps ED because it is a charity close to my heart!”

“It’s fantastic working for an organisation that seeks to be led by service users. If only more places like this existed.”

Michelle Ward, Counsellor

“Keep up your important work. You’re a fantastic group of people and we continue to be grateful for your help and support. ”

Anonymous, (Via JustGiving)

“I just wanna say thank you for all of your support through volunteering, as volunteering for this organisation was probably one of the best decisions I made.”

Selina Hussain, Befriender

“I am impressed with the service that you provide and know that my patients’ lives have been changed for the better because of the work you do.”

Dr King, GP

“I think the work you do is amazing. You help a lot of people who, without you, would probably struggle alone.”


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Here you’ll find personal stories and other features from our supporters and fundraisers. To get started on your journey with First Steps ED, get in touch with us today! Or for more stories and discussion visit our blog page. Your story matters and we look forward to hearing from you.

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