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Understanding Body Image

In our latest series of resources, we’ll explain exactly what body image is and how it can affect the way we think, feel and behave. We will also explore where our struggles with body image might come from, and how we can begin to create a kinder relationship with our bodies.

Further Information

First Steps ED Annual Report 2022

This years annual report showcases not only who we are and what we do, but also the challenges and achievements we have faced this last year and how our team were able to transition into what became a new ‘normal’ for our services and support groups. (You can also read our previous annual report for 2020 here or 2021 here)

Fundraising Guidelines

Thank you for considering First Steps ED for your fundraising. You may already have an idea of what you want to do, but before you get started, it is important to ensure your activity is safe for yourself and everyone involved.

If you are in recovery or have previous experience of an eating disorder it is important to always put yourself first. Please read this document and do not organise or take part in an event which could cause problems for yourself or your recovery.

Our Self Care Guide

This guide is designed for anyone struggling with an eating disorder as well as family and friends of those struggling. If you’re feeling anxious, worried or stressed about the current situation that is a completely normal response and it’s okay to feel that way. You are not alone; the whole world is experiencing this new challenge together. There are things you and people around you can do to lessen the worry and anxiety.

Children’s Book Addressing Eating Disorders

This children’s book (written by academics from the University of Derby) aims to help children across Derby and Derbyshire to understand the importance of healthy eating habits. We are proud to have supported the publish of this book, which is the latest in the Whoopsie Doodle Little Noodle series, based on the adventures of a Jack Russell puppy.

More Information and Support

“Thank you for continuing to offer support and advice to families affected by eating disorders. You offer a ray of light to families at their very darkest times.”

Anonymous (via JustGiving), (via JustGiving)

“I am running 75 miles in February for First Steps ED because it is a charity close to my heart!”

“It’s fantastic working for an organisation that seeks to be led by service users. If only more places like this existed.”

Michelle Ward, Counsellor

“Keep up your important work. You’re a fantastic group of people and we continue to be grateful for your help and support. ”

Anonymous, (Via JustGiving)

“I just wanna say thank you for all of your support through volunteering, as volunteering for this organisation was probably one of the best decisions I made.”

Selina Hussain, Befriender

“I am impressed with the service that you provide and know that my patients’ lives have been changed for the better because of the work you do.”

Dr King, GP

“I think the work you do is amazing. You help a lot of people who, without you, would probably struggle alone.”

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