First Steps ED (FSED) fully recognises its responsibilities for implementing a procedure in the case of a complaint.

This procedure deals with the actions required of staff in the event a service user, their parent/carer or a professional and members of the public are unhappy with the service provided.


FSED seeks to offer the best possible service to its service users and the public who always rely upon us, however if a service user should be unhappy with the service provided then the following complaints procedure will apply.

If the complaint arises during the course or a telephone call, then the advisor will try to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the caller. If he/she continues to be unhappy then the advisor must inform him/her about the formal complaints procedure.

The advisor will first offer to put the caller through to the service coordinator or senior management if she/he is unable to help, then the caller will be asked to make a formal complaint in writing to First Steps, Woburn House, Vernon Gate, Derby, DE1 1UL.

Alternatively a complaint can be made in writing in the first instance.

The Service Coordinator / Senior Management will then deal with the complaint. She/he will investigate the circumstances and report back to the complainant. The final arbiter in all disputes will be the Board of Trustees.

We understand the importance of dealing with complaints swiftly:

Complaints Process

We will respond to all complaints within 5 working days. If enquiries need to be made we will undertake this and report to the Management within 3 weeks. If action needs to be taken we will do this within 4 weeks.

Where appropriate we will report back to the complainant about actions’ taken as soon as possible and always within 5 weeks.

Please note – So that complaints can be dealt with properly, it is not possible for FSED to receive a complaint from anyone who is not willing to give their name, address, and full details of the nature of their complaint.


The complainant can appeal with 15 working days of receiving the outcome. The complainant must write to the Chair of Trustees and explain why they want to appeal.

A panel, convened by the Chair of Trustees will look at the appeal and they may ask the complainant for further information. The outcome will be sent to the complainant within 28 working days of receipt of the appeal.


Review date: 2023