Skills for Carers

The ‘Skills for Carers’ workshops are full of practical tips, scenarios and case studies. This series is designed to help carers develop self-reflective, care-giving skills to role model confidence, compassion and courage. The aim is to offer attendees the knowledge and ability to be an important part of supporting a loved one.

Sessions are delivered online (via Zoom) and following the first session, the team will close the group to ensure that the parents and carers in attendance can develop a positive peer group through the entire four-week programme.

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Intended Outcomes.

Our Skills for Carers courses are free to attend, and are open to any parent, both parents and older siblings with a carers role. The four-week workshop series offer a toolbox of skills for tackling eating disorder difficulties, focusing on warmth, empathy and self-reflection.

  • To gain a greater understanding of eating disorders, signs and symptoms, and the effects they have on an individual.

  • To understand what we mean by ‘rolling with resistance’, and an insight into the different caring styles (New Maudsley Method.)

  • Being able to recognise the stages of change and understand what recovery means with regards to eating disorders.

  • To gain new support tools and strategies that you can use with a loved one in recovery, and the understanding the importance of goal setting.

It has been incredibly useful in helping my daughter. The information given was brilliant and so informative. The facilitators were so knowledgeable and the course has been a great help.

Anon, Skills for Carers Attendee

There is so much to like about these sessions; A closed group, opportunity to ask questions, offered time to chat before or after session if had specific issue.

Anon, Skills for Carers Attendee

Being given the opportunity to listen to others in similar situations, this has been very much needed, as well as learning skills from the facilitators. It’s been useful toe to ask questions at any point to ensure we fully understand how to practice the skills learnt. Being able to understand how to address certain behaviours with our daughter when she is struggling and knowing that we are doing the right thing has really helped us as a family.

Anon, Skills for Carers Attendee

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the facilitators, the course was a fantastic help to us and the skills learnt were invaluable. We feel more equipped to support our daughter now.

Anon, Skills for Carers Attendee

It’s a shame it’s only 4 weeks! It’s good having the opportunity to listen to connect with other people who understand what we are going through but who aren’t directly involved with our family, as well as the chance to reflect on ways to tackle tricky situations and improve caring skills. Thank you so much for your help. I feel less alone and a bit better able to cope with the caring task now.

Anon, Skills for Carers Attendee

Overall an extremely valuable and informative service. I like the understanding that you are not alone,about the ED voice and how best to approach the issue with my daughter.

Anon, Skills for Carers Attendee

It’s great to have the opportunity to gain tips for best supporting our daughter and talking to others experiencing similar difficulties. Thank you for providing a supportive atmosphere where people felt comfortable to share their experiences.

Anon, Skills for Carers Attendee

The workshops helped me to understand the ED voice and how to choose the right words when taking about it to my daughter. It has really helped me and my husband to understand eating disorders and realise we are not alone.

Anon, Skills for Carers Attendee

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