Raising awareness for early intervention and prevention of eating disorders.

First Steps ED’s CPD accredited foundation courses aim to raise awareness and knowledge about eating disorders and disordered eating. Each course demonstrates a range of information and support tools that can be adopted in various professional settings. Whilst they may not train you in a specific diagnosis, the training will equip you with the information and skills to spot the signs and take an evidence-based approach to support someone at risk of eating difficulties and eating disorders.

Introduction to Eating Disorders – £49

Whilst eating disorders are complex, understanding the clinical presentations can help promote early interventions and prevention, which is why our ‘Introduction to Eating Disorders’ CPD-accredited training was developed. This foundation course offers delegates a greater understanding of eating disorders, the signs and symptoms to look out for, as well as an insight into recovery.

Body Image and Perception- £49

Our ‘Body Image and Perception’ CPD accredited training offers delegates a deeper understanding of the relationship an individual has with their body and how that relationship can impact them throughout their lifetime. Together we will discuss the risk factors of developing a negative body image and supporting strategies that can be implemented to offer support in any sector and setting.

Our team.

Our team understands what it takes to support someone struggling with an eating disorder, and it all starts with the right knowledge and training. We believe in early intervention and trust that better education around disordered eating behaviours can play an important role in protecting those who are at risk of developing an eating disorder, as well as offer effective support to those who are struggling with their relationship with food.

Each one of our trainers have experience in delivering our CPD modules both online and in-person, providing confidence in organisations and individuals who choose our ‘Skills for Eating Disorder Support’ training programme.


Our CPD-accredited course are aimed at students and professionals who may encounter vulnerable adults or children who could be at risk of developing disordered eating thoughts or behaviours. Each module is 90 minutes long and delivered online (via Microsoft Teams) by our team of trained professionals. Each module will give you a greater understanding of the chosen topic, as well as more practical advice on supporting someone with eating difficulties.

  • To gain a greater understanding of eating disorders, signs and symptoms, and the effects they have on an individual.
  • To understand what recovery means with regards to eating disorders.
  • To develop new skills around communication and understand how to build a relationship with an individual with an eating disorder.
  • To gain new support tools and strategies that you can use with eating disorder clients.
  • To understand the term body image & perception.
  • To gain an understanding of how media and society impact on body image & perception.
  • To understand the functioning body & bodily changes over the course of a lifespan.
  • Develop strategies and development of a toolbox of self-care which can be adopted in your sector and setting.
  • To gain a greater understanding of the male experience of eating disorders.
  • To learn more about the unique barriers men may face in accessing treatment.
  • Understand ‘Muscle Dysmorphia’ as a symptom impacting male Body Image.
  • To develop new support and communication skills to offer help to males struggling with their mental health, body image and eating disorders.
  • Explore what is meant by ‘normal eating’ and the principles of healthy eating.
  • Understand the function of food and the roles of the macro-nutrients in physical and mental health.
  • Consider nutrition in the context of eating disorders.
  • To develop support tools and strategies that you can use with eating disorder clients.
  • To learn what exercise addiction is, and its relationship to eating disorders.
  • To gain a greater understanding of the impact of gym culture on our mental health, body dissatisfaction and the signs and symptoms of muscle dysmorphia.
  • To learn about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S).
  • To develop new skills and knowledge on how to support someone struggling with exercise addiction and to help an athlete with an eating disorder.

The training was given by someone with fantastic knowledge of the topic, and it was really insightful hearing their first hand experience of eating disorders. It was really interesting learning about compulsive exercise/exercise addiction, steroid abuse and eating disorders within the fitness world as this is something I’ve not learnt about before. It tackled some very important issues.

First Steps Befriender, Eating Disorders and Exercise Addiction

The training sessions gave me a better understanding of copying mechanisms and how to support parents/families dealing with eating disorders. As well as this I was able to build my knowledge on communication techniques with the service user such as; reflection, listening openly and also understanding it is okay to get clarification if needed to. I also learnt about the different behavioural and psychological effects of an eating disorder that a service user may experience and also learnt about the ‘Cycle of Change’ and the different stages of the cycle. Overall I throughly enjoyed the training and I felt it was very informative.

CPD Delegate, All Ages and Genders

The training really met our needs, opened our minds and all the volunteers would like to engage in further training.

The She Will FYE Team , Body Image and Perception

It was eye opening to receive as much information as we did about the concept of eating disorders, and extremely useful to be given the knowledge of how to talk to someone who is suffering from one. I was really happy with the structure and both organisers were welcoming and a pleasure to listen to! I was amazed at many different types of eating disorders are out there! And just how much each of these eating disorders can have a damaging effect on 1000’s of peoples lives.

CPD Delegate, All Ages and Genders

I liked the trainer’s open and friendly attitude. I was a little nervous to attend as it was my first online training with First Steps and soon felt comfortable and at ease to participate – her approach felt non judgemental and accessible. A good, broad range of topics covered. Thought – provoking. A nice mix of being talked to; then interaction with trainer and peers; videos etc. I am definitely taking away some great tools for myself and to bring to the work I do with students. Many thanks.

CPD Delegate, Body Image and Perception

I liked that we had the opportunity to ask questions, and the slides and presenter were very informative. Great videos, which I will be looking into, as well as the other resources mentioned. Really enjoyed the course, the pace and trainer knowledge.

CPD Delegate, Eating Disorders in Boys and Men

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