The programme offers five different modules

Modules are 90 minutes each in duration and delivered online via Microsoft Teams (you do not need to have a Microsoft Teams account to join the training modules).

This CPD accredited foundation course aims to raise awareness and knowledge around eating disorders and disordered eating. Additionally, the course demonstrates a range of support tools and can be adopted in various professional settings. It will not train you in a specific eating disorder, instead the training will equip you with the information and skills to spot the signs and take an evidence based approach to support someone at risk of eating difficulties and eating disorders.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a greater understanding of eating disorder types, signs, symptoms and effects on the individual and vulnerable groups
  • Be aware of NHS and NICE guidelines treatment options, best practice approaches and referral processes
  • Understand different evidence based management support needed for adults, young people and children
  • Gain a greater understanding of what recovery means with regard to eating disorders
  • Develop a greater understanding of how to have a conversation and build a relationship with an individual with an eating disorder
  • Gain an insight into support tools and strategies that you may use with eating disorder clients and discuss how to use ‘Green Shoots’ to focus on positives

Individuals may use compulsive exercise to control their body weight or compensate for binge-eating episodes, whilst others may use compulsive exercise to achieve further weight loss.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what compulsive exercise is, signs to look out for and its close relation to eating disorders
  • Understand what Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S) is
  • Look out for signs in relation to steroid abuse in sport and endurance activities and its close relation with Body Image
  • Gain knowledge on how to support someone struggling with compulsive exercise, RED-S, and an eating disorder
  • Understand signs, symptoms and complexities that arise when supporting an athlete with an eating disorder

This animated training workshop developed by University of Nottingham, Kings College London and First Steps ED, was created to raise the profile about eating disorders in boys and men to improve understanding of and care for this patient group, and to reflect upon aspects of primary care and make everyday practice easier for both professional and sufferer.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand about eating disorders in boys and men and how to overcome stigma
  • How to start an age appropriate conversation
  • Spot symptoms, red flags and risk assessment in the words of patients and primary care professionals
  • Understand Muscle Dysmorphia as a symptom impacting male Body Image
  • How to confidently make referrals to eating disorder services
  • Support the family and carers of males with eating disorders
  • Access resources from academic and healthcare services to further your reading and understanding

This CPD accredited training will develop and enhance knowledge with regard to what Body Inage and Perception is, the role media plays, the functioning body and supporting strategies that can be implemented to offer support in any sector and setting.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the term Body Image and Perception
  • Understand the functioning body and the changes to the body over the course of a lifespan
  • Understand how the media and society impact on Body Image and Perception
  • Acquire supporting strategies and development of a toolbox of self-care which can be adopted in your sector and setting

The course also introduces nutrition in the context of eating disorders. Whether you want to improve your knowledge around diet and health for personal reasons or wish to develop your professional understanding when supporting others, this training provides a comprehensive understanding of the key topics surrounding nutrition and health.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore principles of healthy eating
  • Understand the roles of the macro-nutrients in physical and mental health
  • Consider food in a non-diet mind frame
  • Use food and nutrition information to form a health relationship with food
  • Understand the principles of weight management on positive Body Image
  • Understand eating disorders and obesity

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