Together we recover.

We continue to listen to our service users and their families who help us to coproduce new services which reflect their needs. Our four-week workshops and support groups are designed to offer attendees new skills, information and insight in challenging negative behaviours, identifying triggers and establishing new strategies and coping mechanisms in recovery. Each of our workshops can be a lifeline for those struggling with eating difficulties.

Body Image Workshop

Body dissatisfaction is a risk factor for (and a common symptom of) eating disorders, as well as a risk factor for other mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

Our ‘Understanding Body Image’ workshop series is designed to be a dynamic service, offering psycho-education around body and mood within a positive peer group environment. 

Compulsive Exercise Support Group

Excessive exercise can be a common compensatory behaviour, and/or symptom of an eating disorder.

Our group opens up discussions around obsessive exercise, exploring the experiences, triggers and challenges. Over the course of four weeks, attendees gain a greater understanding of what a healthy relationship with exercise looks like.

ARFID Support Workshop

Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) is a serious disorder which can be difficult to damage. It recently became a diagnosable disorder, but support is still limited.

Our research-informed ARFID workshop has been developed by those with lived experience to offer information and tools to help manage symptoms and eating difficulties.

Binge Eating Workshop

Stigma and misinformation can often prevent individuals from accessing the support they need, not helped by a lack of services available to those struggling with BED.

Our workshop offers information to help identify triggers and navigate difficult situations. Facilitated by individuals with lived experience of binge eating disorder.

Young Person’s Wellbeing Workshop

A workshop designed by and for our young service users who want to gain a greater insight into their behaviours, body image and managing recovery.

Each group offers a positive peer group environment, where individuals can share their own experiences. By the end of the four sessions, attendees will have gained new tools and coping mechanisms which can help them manage difficult situations and any setbacks within recovery.

Finding Peace with Food Workshop

There is a lot of information out there which discusses nutrition, making it difficult to understand what is true.

Working with experts and nutritionists, we have developed a four-week workshop which offers evidence-based information to help us learn how to navigate diet culture and misinformation. The course also explores ways to cope in challenging situations such as mealtimes, spontaneity with friends and challenging disordered thoughts.

‘Waiting Well’ Group

Designed to combat growing wait times for eating disorder services, Waiting Well offers weekly psycho-education to those awaiting our one-to-one support.

This group runs every Monday and is free to attend. It is also commission by a number of NHS providers to ensure patients can access support in their local areas whilst they await focused intervention from an ED specialist.

EDISS Support Group

First Steps ED deliver specialist eating disorders support for students (EDISS) at universities in England and Wales, with funding from Student Space in partnership with Student Minds.

Our EDISS support groups allow for weekly open and supportive discussions, where attendees share can any challenges and lessons learnt in recovery. It is a great opportunity to establish a better relationship with your self and reflect on life.

It wasn’t until my late 30s that a mental health nurse identified I had an Eating Disorder and referred to First Steps for support. I did not think you can help an ED when you were overweight… First Steps supported me in identifying and accepting I have an ED, which was very hard for me.”


“I wish First Steps had more funding because your service has changed my life and has been the only place I had help because with other services including the NHS I was never eligible or met the right criteria for help.”


Not sure where I would be without this service. They were the only service who opened their doors when I needed help and didn’t need me to tick any boxes to receive their support. I really hope they keep finding the funds and people they need to keep going and growing.


“It’s hugely comforting to me to know that in between other appointments I have First Steps groups or 1-2-1s to bridge the gaps. Whilst it’s mainly groups I access most, I have also benefitted from their counselling services, online befriending and hypnotherapy over the years.”


“First Steps made me feel welcome to their charity and made the transition as easy and painless as they could in dealing with the fact that I have an ED. Especially in a society that judges larger or thinner people when they don’t understand what it is like and think EDs are an excuse to eat or not eat and get attention.”


“First Steps’ student service is an absolutely essential service which kept me going this year. NHS services are harder and harder to access and this fills a massive gap”


You can make a referral now.

Referrals can either be made by yourself, by a parent/ carer, or professional support worker. After making a referral, we aim to make contact within 10 workings days.

Private practice bookings are £45. All bookings are made in the strictest confidence and available to anyone (over the age of 16) who is currently impacted by any eating disorder, or symptoms of an eating disorder, including an individual sufferer, family member or carer. If you are referring into our private counselling service please let us know in the form.