A new service with our in-house nutritional therapist, designed to provide recovery-focussed, personalised nutritional support.

We offer Nutritional Therapy with our in-house Accredited Nutritional Therapists working alongside your care team, our nutritionists can offer the support you might need during and after recovery. As part of your multi-disciplinary team they can aid eating disorder recovery by helping you restore a healthy relationship with food.

Our Nutritionists and Psychotherapists work with common eating disorders including Anorexia Nervosa (AN), Bulimia Nervosa (BN), Binge Eating Disorder (BED),
Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorders (OFSED), Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), Diabulimia (T1DE), and Orthorxia (excessive preoccupation with eating healthy food).

Nutritional Therapy sessions may include:

  • Identifying nutritional imbalances and correcting them

  • Debunking food myths

  • Education about different nutrients and food groups

  • Personalised recommendations of beneficial foods

  • Meal and snack ideas

  • Exploring different types of hunger

  • Practical strategies to encourage behavioural change and reduce distress around food

Follow up emails with notes and extra resources are sent after each session.

When you book your initial 60-minute call, you will be asked to complete a pre-consultation questionnaire and food diary. This helps us to better understand your eating behaviours ahead of the call so that we can spend the time together looking at your relationship with food and agreeing on some manageable changes.

Nutritional Therapy is a funded service in certain geographical areas that First Steps ED covers, so please enquire to ascertain whether you can receive funded nutrition sessions. If you live in an area outside of our funding, we can offer nutritional therapy at a subsidised rate of £45 per session.

Nutritional Coaching has given me the help and support I need with nutrition, which I can now take into my life and use to recover hopefully

Service User, Nutritional Coaching

It has felt good to be able to talk to somebody. It felt good to be listened to. I have been able to make some changes that I felt unable to do before. It has been helpful and informative, I have learnt new things about how my body works and why.

Service User, Nutritional Coaching