I’m Fine?!

Just a gentle reminder, you don’t always have to be “fine” when with me. For anyone who is struggling I’m sharing this I wrote earlier this year…
Much love, Kathy ♥︎


There’s a phrase that’s used often these days
I’m fine! How ’bout you ? Many a person says
But are they really and honestly ok?
All too often, it’s easier to replace honest words and say…
I’m FINE comes with smiles, a deflection from truth
We have all used this reply a learned response since our youth,
As a rule those who suffer the worry is this
Signs so subtle, the truth often missed
So why do we say that we are fine when we’re not?
Well when asked in a way and put on the spot…
We worry if we honestly say how we feel,
It then makes us vulnerable and the truth becomes real…
But the reality is that we all need to know
That not being fine is accepted and to show…
Our feelings in their raw state right there and then,
Not having to gauge just who with, where or when…
So I guess what I’d say to those people out there
Who would rather say they’re fine than to have to share
Their true and deepest feelings often there’s a real fear
That people won’t get them or understand what they hear
But every person is entitled to feel
And everyone’s feelings to them they are real
And even if those closest don’t know what to say,
It’s important to acknowledge someone’s feeling that way.
It takes huge courage and strength from within
To open our hearts and let people in
We have to ensure that those with whom we share
Are with us beside us in that moment right there …
So to the person who’s not feeling fine at all
I know it takes guts to chip away at that wall
But with people you trust and who walk beside you
It’s so very important that your reply it is true…
As those who can see that a loved one is low
Sometimes there are not the words, maybe better to show
With a hug, a message, a text or a call
It’s vital together we try to take down that wall
It won’t come down easily, one brick at a time
And some days do nothing but give them some time
To walk the path with a loved one who has all of your heart
It’s painful to be unable to” fix “things from the start
To watch a loved one suffer, it’s awful to feel
Sometimes all we can do is give our all, try help them deal…..
Walk beside them, hold them close, unconditionally love,
It’s the best we can do, but never feels quite enough ♥︎
So the next time someone says they’re fine, maybe see,
Deep into their soul because that may just be, the one time they’re ready to trust, open up
And that’s the time we could together, maybe look…?
We can be here and be present in that moment that’s shared,
So important that person feels that somebody’s cared,
Hold their hands tightly, ensure that they feel,
Validated and acknowledged their feelings so real
This is the first step to them trusting someone
The I’m fines not meant, maybe less often will come? …
We all need somebody to trust, to be real,
To acknowledge those emotions that we feel
Keep hoping your loved one one day will be free
Of the chains that bind them, their reality….♡
Keep loving and holding their hand all the way,
Not always words needed, nothing to say
But always acknowledge, see the person inside
The person the facade”I’m fine” tends to hide.
Walking a path by somebody’s side,
Unconditional love, admiration and pride,
For the person won’t believe you but to you they just shine,
They don’t need to tell you each time that they’re fine,
‘Cos you’re right there beside them, keeping safe in your heart
And I guess that might be the best place from which to start? ♥︎
I wish i could make things all ok that’s so true,
I would carry the burden, gladly do that for you.
But right now all I have is my love to give,
Hold my hand in this moment, I’m here and I’m
You with every ounce of my heart and my soul,
Never faltering or failing my love it is whole.
I just hope it will one day somehow be enough,
The world it must feel so daunting, so tough
It upsets me to think that if only you knew
The world needs more people as amazing as YOU ♥︎

With love, written from the heart by Kathy Fare. Dedicated to my soulmate Peter & my wonderful children, Adam & Mark ♥︎