If you’re worried about a family member or friend and think they might have an eating disorder, or they have come to you to tell you are struggling, know that eating disorders are treatable. Full recovery is possible and if the person has come to you already it suggests they are looking for support and would like to get better.

Your loved one has a much higher chance of full recovery if they can get help as soon as possible so encourage them to make an appointment with their GP (you could offer to help them make the appointment and go with them so they are not alone.) Beat have a really useful resource on their website that intends to help people with eating disorders get a referral to a specialist from their GP – find it here!

It is important not to blame yourself as this is not what your loved one needs right now. Try to be understanding and listen to what they have to tell you. Make sure they know you’re available and ask what you can do to help them find support and get better.