First Steps ED have partnered with TwentyTwelve on a new charity collection. To support us, please visit the TwentyTwelve website and check out the collection.
Love it, wear it, share it #FSEDCharitees

You’re doing better than you think you are.

We’ve teamed up with TwentyTwelve to create our very own collection of chari-tees and totes! 25% of every sale will go towards First Steps ED and our services to give us a much needed boost in funding.

They look good, feel good and do good.

Did we mention they are 100% organic, sustainable and made without the use of toxic chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides to produce? What’s not to love!

“Now that I am a mum of two young children, it’s becoming somewhat evident that without education, social media, celebrities and body image issues could potentially influence our loved ones eating behaviours.”

Learn more about wonderful TwentyTwelve’s Leanne here.

Check out the collection.

Your little reminder that you are so much more.

Scroll Affirmation Tees

Typewriter Tees

Bags & Totes

Love it, wear it, share it. Because these are just too good to keep a secret!

“Social media, celebrities, body image, to name a few …. were something that I personally had no concerns with growing up. Fast forward some years, now a mum with 2 young children of my own, it is becoming some what evident that without education, these factors could potentially influence our loved ones eating behaviours.

Through a close friend’s new and exciting role with First Steps ED, I began to read in to this amazing charity. I was particularly taken by founder Cathy Cleary’s incredible journey and how she grew FSED from the ground up. She saw a need for support and education that was previously lacking for eating disorders. As a mum of two, I really value this wonderful charity and in particular the passion and dedication of those i’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

TwentyTwelve and First Steps ED have teamed up to create First Steps ED very own merchandise. Our designs have all been made with the First Steps ED community in mind, giving strength, positivity and a memo of courage. Whether you’re struggling at the moment, or your loved one has an eating disorder, or maybe you’re well into your recovery already; we hope our little reminders help guide you through each and every day. We hope you love First Steps ED merch as much as we do! And remember, YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE.”


Founder of TwentyTwelve