Full recovery from an eating disorder is possible, though recovery can take time, and can be different for different people. It might be hard not to compare yourself to other people in recovery, but try not to, as each journey is different.

To recover means to become completely well again after an illness or injury, to regain a normal state of health, mind or strength, but this may or may not be true in the case of recovering from an eating disorder.

Some people may find they never have another eating disorder thought again, or that they might live for years without one, before an event impacts their life so that those thoughts reoccur. Others might find that they still have the thoughts, but they can control them, rather than the other way around. Some find the intrusive thoughts subside, or that coping mechanisms or strategies mean they have less impact on their lives.

Recovery can be a bumpy ride, with setbacks along the way, but the goal of living as normal life as possible means that it is worth it.

Tips for Recovery

  • Express your feelings and don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Write your feelings down if you struggle to talk about them or draw a picture if you’d prefer that
  • If you’re feeling low find things you can do to calm yourself,  listen to music, go for a short walk, pet your dog, colour a picture
  • Write down positive qualities about yourself when you have a good day, so if you have a bad day, you can reflect on them
  • Learn something new that takes you away from your eating disorder
  • Keep busy after meal times
  • Don’t constantly compare yourself to other friends in recovery, it can be helpful to use stories for inspiration but you are an individual and will find your own path
  • Think about your feelings when you’re feeling negative as well as when you’re feeling positive. Write a list of both and then when you’re feeling like you’re struggling read through those positive thoughts

To explore the meaning of recovery for eating disorder sufferers, you can find out more by booking onto our Specialist Eating Disorder Training for Professionals

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