Dave Chawner

Dave Chawner is Patron of First Steps ED and joined the board in 2018.

Dave is a number 1 best selling author on anorexia, and an award winning comic and mental health campaigner.

Giving an anorexic perspective with a comic delivery, Dave’s book sets out practical tips, personal anecdotes and uplifting playlists to give hope to anyone in a similar situation, and provides insight into what life with mental illness and suffering from an eating disorder is like.

His book, ‘Weight Expectations’ shot to number 1 best seller in just 3 days enjoying rave reviews and continued success. It can be bought here

Co-host of the London Breakfast Show on Panda Radio, Dave entertains the capital on their way to work alongside Gerry his co-host with his unique humor and persona which you can listen too here

When we approached Dave to become our Patron he said:

‘First Steps is exactly the sort of place I needed when I was a teenager, but I didn’t realise it. I grew up near Derby and if I’d have been aware of the support, help and guidance of the charity maybe things would have been different. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to be able to go back and try and give the help that I’d needed back then.

When I was going through my eating disorder I needed people to treat me normally. People began whispering to me asking for ‘a quiet word’ and constantly pulling me aside. I didn’t want to be treated like a patient I wanted to be treated like a person. I wanted people to ask if I had anorexia rather than keep telling me and understand that I might not be completely aware of what was going on.

Being able to have a non-judgmental facility in order to help people is key. Eating Disorders affect different people in different backgrounds, and it is amazing that First Steps offers help in schools, universities and workplaces. First Steps is the charity I should have turned to when I lived around Derbyshire.

I now want to help local people get the help I should have received, and it is my privilege to be Patron of First Steps’.

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