Social Media Showing Us How People Should Look Right? Wrong! 

These constant pictures and videos making people think they should look a certain way, when the reality is we are all different and the way you look is the least interesting thing about you. As a 34-year-old I grew up in a world that saw Facebook begin but now many different social media platforms are a constant in our lives. 

…the way you look is the least interesting thing about you.

My goal is to make us all a lot more aware of reality. What people look like. **SPOILER ALERT** it’s not as perfect as you may think (and that’s ok!)

Sadly five years ago a member of my family was diagnosed with an eating disorder, a horrible mental health condition that really affects how you feel about yourself. My family member isn’t alone. The number of people with eating disorders, anxiety and other mental health illnesses is rising. I want to help young people to see that a lot of what you see online isn’t real, so don’t compare yourself to it. You are perfect as you are. 

I’m not against social media. I use it daily for lots of reasons, especially my campaign but I do think we need to understand better what is and isn’t real. That’s why my campaign #HonestyAboutEditing is asking that any pictures or videos that are filtered or photoshopped have a label so we know that has happened before content is posted. This is the law in France, Israel and recently Norway. 

Suzanne Samaka: ‘Before’ and ‘After’ images of photo edit with caption ‘Subtle on your body. Significant on your mind.’

In doing this I’m hoping we realise that all the celebrities, influencers and even people we know are human and yes human means frizzy hair, spots, different sized bodies. But more than anything I want us all to grow up knowing that the way you look really is the LEAST interesting thing about you! 

Contributed by Suzanne Samaka,
Help Suzanne change social media laws to state when content is filtered or edited and sign the petition and follow the campaign at #HonestyAboutEditing