Laura Johnstone

Laura began her befriending journey in 2016 after a positive recovery journey from Anorexia she decided to use her lived experience and returned confident and bubbly personality to share with people how they can beat this illness.

Laura was very enthusiastic from day 1 and eager to do all she could to support current and new service users. She has used this passion to help lead the befriending training in Nottinghamshire, where there was no volunteer in place previously.

She has co-facilitated Befriending Induction Training for our Nottinghamshire client group and recruited Befrinders and recently helped deliver the CPD Eating Disorders Training. She assists with the ongoing befriending training via practice emails with new befriendees.

“Befriending is something I really look forward to, emailing Laura, and more so getting her replies feels like someone is really there, it helps me know that I can get some really good advice for whatever is on my mind whether that is food related or something linked to it which isn’t food”

“Laura’s support, paired with counselling, has changed my life with my disordered eating habits which have distinguished so much more in comparison to when I first began this process earlier this year!”

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