Relying on online Services

Service users survey results comparing their experience of First Steps ED face-to-face services prior to Covid-19 and moving online during lock-down September 2020

This report details how the service users of First Steps ED have felt about the process of relying on online services in comparison with face-to-face support, which temporarily ceased due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Service users were questioned anonymously via an online questionnaire to gain insights into their experiences of the change to solely online support and seek feedback for continuous improvements that the charity should consider implementing.

Summary of the completed 32 questionnaires

29 females and 3 males completed the questionnaire

Almost half of the participants were aged 18-24

Majority of participants were in the East Midlands

31% of participants were university students

Length of accessing First Steps support services ranged from 1 week to 8 years

Most responses received were from befriending followed by counselling services

17 participants reported no change in support compared to pre-COVID19

9 participants increased their support levels

4 participants stopped receiving First Steps support during the pandemic

1 participant reduced their support levels

1 participant migrated online counselling to twice weekly befriending

No patients wanted to receive less support than they currently receive

19% wanted more and 81% were happy with the current support level

66% responded that their support reduced their need to rely on the NHS

In general, there were no changes in how participants rated the support they received from First Steps ED in relation to their body image, self-esteem, eating behaviours/attitudes, feeling their mental health experience is understood and hopeful for the future when comparing the support they received in person prior to lockdown to the online video clinic and video group consultation support services received.

A full copy of the Report: How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected First Steps ED’s Service Users’ Experiences of the Service_Survey Results_30th September 2020:

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