Current research

Hungry for Words

Hungry for Words was an event that took place at The University of Nottingham, and it was targeted at Year 11 and 12 pupils, and their teachers. As part of the programme, pupils were encouraged to share their experiences about their stresses, how they cope and how this impacts on their mental health and well-being.

Research Students

Participation Participating in research is a chance to have your voice heard which might help influence how support is offered to others in the future. Research requiring you to focus on personal experience can be emotionally provoking. If you have any concerns about participating in a research study make sure you read all the information

Experience of parents of people with an eating disorder

Relationship between compassion and predictors of depression in parents of people with an eating disorder Name of researcher: Pamela Fox, Trainee Clinical Psychologist Email: Pamela Fox at What is the purpose of this research? The purpose of this research is to explore the wellbeing of parents of a loved one with an eating disorder and see if there

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